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If you're overwhelmed with unanswered calls, lacking a follow-up system, struggling with no reviews, unable to manage your social media messages, and striving to attract more clients, we are here to help streamline and grow your business.

Desired Results

Our Micro Target Solutions

All-in-One Communication

Juggling multiple platforms for calls, texts, and emails? No more! SDJ Marketing brings everything under one roof, enhancing your customer interactions and boosting your productivity.

Lead Management Made Simple

Tired of losing potential clients? Our unique features like missed-call-text-back and a dynamic Web Chat Widget ensure you capture every lead, transforming missed opportunities into successful conversions.

Master Online Reputation Management

Overwhelmed by trying to get online reviews? Our platform makes it easy to manage, respond, and boost your online reputation. Remember, a great reputation is key to winning customers!

Stress-Free Appointment Scheduling:

Ditch the manual hassle with our automated scheduler. It's integrated with Stripe for payments, sends reminders, and even links up with Zoom. Your appointments are now just a breeze!

Our goal

Our goal is to assist you in meeting our expectations

Know a little of our strategies

Our goal is to provide the tools necessary to help you engage with your customer’s more quickly & easily and to improve your overall customer experience while helping you grow!

Improving the efficiency

SDJ Marketing Also Replaces $945 In Costs ... Every Month!

$ 0
$ 0
Web Chat
$ 0
$ 0
$ 0
Appointment Calendar
$ 0
Reputation Management
$ 0
Tracking & Analytics
$ 0
fully automated follow up campaigns

If you were to pay someone to create these fully automated follow up campaigns for you ...and program all the "tech stuff" so that everything worked perfectly, it would easily cost at least $2,000.00 ...PER CAMPAIGN.

Clickfunnels starts at $97

Think about it. A good funnel builder like Clickfunnels starts at $97. The pro version is $297. Solid page builders like Unbounce start at $90 a month and their cool version is $225. InstaPage is $199 a month. And these tools are good. They're worth the money!

email systems

Then take a look at what solid email systems cost. ActiveCampaign is a good example. Their most popular plan is $149 a month. And if you have more than 2,500 people on your list, it gets more expensive. Keap (formerly Infusionsoft) is about the same. They start out at $169 per month and that's if you only have 1,500 people on your list!

Web Chat

Now consider what you pay for web chat. A great web chat service is Intercom and their cheapest package is $79 per month ...and you have to pay annually! Then think about messenger apps like ManyChat, scheduling software like Calendly, and two-way texting software like SlickText. They're all really great but boy do the costs add up! If you factor in services like those, you're looking at an extra $200 per month ...and that's assuming you have a really small list!

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